10 Ways to Improve Toilet Partitions’s Durability

1. Install gently

Most toilet partitions materials are knowingly strong with the features of high density and firmness. However, it is not suggested to move them violently. If the partition inside is destroyed, it could affect the service life. The excellent features of different kinds of toilet partition materials can only work in the situation that the materials haven’t been broken.


2. Hardware packs

Particular attention should be given to the state of cubicle hardware as those see significant use and often need replacement. The locks, handles, coat hooks, supporting feet, and hinges, it will be good to have an ample supply of replacement hardware on-site.


3. Clean correctly

To improve durability and to keep the good appearance of toilet partitions, regular cleaning should be performed. The ways of partitions cleaning should vary for different toilet partitions materials.


Compact laminate: Clean with warm water and mild detergent, using a cloth or sponge.

Particleboard: Use the wet dishrag to clean and then make it dry immediately.

Stainless steel: Clean easily with warm water, soap bar, or low alkaline detergent to remove the dust on the surface.


Tips: For stains that are not removed with the use of mild detergent, you could use a paste of baking soda and water. However, the use of an abrasive cloth or acidic cleaning solution is not recommended.


4. Fix scratches

Scratches and cuts are unavoidable. However, the toilet partitions materials are solid, it is easy to renew to its original condition or appearance. For minor damage and minor impact, marks can be repaired on-site with a light abrasive cleaner while for heavier damage, light sanding may be necessary or you may consult a professional for other repair options.


5. Increase ventilation

Try to keep and increase the ventilation of the washroom, and don’t make much water stay at the partition surface for a long time. Extractor fans are perhaps the best option for getting rid of moisture and eradicate the damp problems once and for all.


6. Avoid direct sun exposure

Some toilet partitions are easy to fade with the harsh rays of the sun and some would be out of their original shape. Cracks could occur for a serious condition. Repairing and exchanged might be needed for this kind of situation. To avoid any cost, avoid installing them in the place under the blazing sun for quite a long time.


7. Avoid hot stuff touching

Most toilet partitions are covered with a thin veneer which is easy to be destroyed. To avoid blistering and cracking on the surface of the toilet partition, especially some partitions with inferior quality, please avoid touching them directly with anything hot and thermal.


8. Choose the suitable floor material

Choose a material that has non-slip properties and curve up where the floor meets the walls, rising for a few inches. This delivers a completely water-resistant surface and prevents any leaked or split water from entering the fabric of the building. It also makes the washroom easier to clean and wet. Therefore, the service of toilet partitions’ life has been prolonged.


09. Keep a pro-active stance

Lastly, keep staying on top of the small problems when they arise. Do it as soon as possible rather than waiting for the problem to worsen. A routine maintenance check needs to be carried out and doesn’t forget to paying attention to things like the hinge movements.