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Offering the best value in the industry, our powder coated toailet cubicles address the key areas of durability, high recycled content,fire resistance and graffiti resistance.

powder coated designs look fantastic and provide architectural grade installations to match all expectations in any type of building.


Made of 12mm thickness high pressure compact laminate phenolic board.

Ready to enhance your Restroom spaces with our premium Toilet Cubicle Partitions?


Restloo cloth hanger

Cloth Hanger

Restloo door knob

Door Knob

Restloo lock cum indicator

Lock Cum Indicator

support legs

Support Legs


Restloo 90 degree

90 Degree

Restloo H channel

F-H Channel

Restloo top rail

Top Rail

Restloo U Channel

U Channel

Bill Of Quantity

RESTLOO PEARL PARTITION: Supply and installation of RESTLOO RUBY Restroom partitions Width 900-1200mm x Depth 1550-1800 mm x Height 2000 mm, (Height is including 150 mm gap from bottom) Door Width - 610 mm
HPL COMPACT BOARD SPECIFICATION: The board is made up of layers off cellulose fibers impregnated with thermosetting phenolic resin and the decorative design papers on both sides and core is craft paper impregnated with special melamine resin is manufactured under combined application of heat (1550 degree delicious) and high pressure (specific pressure : 9MPa/ 90 Bar) provides superior scratch, abrasion, heat, chemical, impact, graffiti and moisture resistance along with anti-bacterial properties.
DOOR: Doors are made of 12 mm thick Restloo HPL compact panel, supported by 3 antigravity hinges affixed to the pilasters. Nylon polyamide 6 coat hook and door knob are provided with each door.
MID & END PANELS: All Mid & End Panels will be made of 12 mm thick Restloo HPL compact board with stainless steel Lock cum Indicator (occupancy indicator). Aluminum door stopper profiles with Silicon rubber for dampening the noise while door closing.
MIDDLE DIVIDER: All Middle dividers will be made of 12 mm thick Restloo HPL compact board. They are affixed with Aluminium powder coated U-channel at their ends for strong stability of the partition. Divider sizes as per drawing.
❖ Aluminium Powder coated black Top rail Size to be 50 mm x 32 mm x 3mtr
❖ Aluminium Powder coated black U-Channel Wall section, size to be 25mm x 16mm x 1.829 mtr.
❖ Aluminium Powder coated black Door H stopper section, size to be 20 mm x 12.5 mm x 1.829 mtr.
❖ Aluminium Powder coated black 90 degree corner section, size to be 40 mm x 40 mm x 1.829 mtr.
❖ Adjustable leg with diameter 60 mm made from Nylon Polyamide 6 grade giving a clearance height of 100 to 150 mm.
❖ Nylon Polyamide 6 grade Self closing hinges.
❖ Nylon Polyamide 6 grade Coat hook
❖ Nylon Polyamide 6 grade lock cum indicator with privacy indicator,
❖ Nylon Polyamide 6 grade Round Door knob diameter 45mm
❖ Silicon Rubber for noise defending.
❖ Stainless steel grade 304 screws
❖ Anti-rotation nylon polyamide grade 6- expandable wall plugs
❖ The work shall complete as per drawing, under supervision of engineer in-charge and company experts

Toilet Cubicle Elevation

Restloo- front elevation
toilet cubicle elevation C type
toilet cubicle elevation L type

Ready to enhance your Restroom spaces with our premium Toilet Cubicle Partitions?


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